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Blood Type Nutritional Supplements
Welcome to North American Pharmacal, the first supplement line that understands you as a biochemical individual. We've been developing supplements based on genetics, such as blood type, for over a decade.

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Viable Options is pleased to announce that we now can offer ZYTO Compass nutritional evaluations in addition to all the other services we offer! The ZYTO Compass is a remarkable system that measures your body's responses to a specific library of nutritional products, asking your body which it prefers; this being called biocommunication. Our system has been setup to perform a Bio Survey, a stress profile, using 76 bio-markers, called virtual stressors based on galvanic skin response. The ZYTO software measures the degree of resistance to the measured frequency in the virtual stressor. Our library of nutritional products are all the products offered by New Sun, all 349 of them!

Even though there are many excellent nutritional supplements to choose from, one size does not fit all and your individual needs change from time to time. So what supplements are best for you, and what supplements do you need today? You want to spend your hard earned money on an appropriate program for you and your family, the Compass can help you in that decision making process!

The entire process only takes 10-15 minutes and you will receive a print out and by choice you can have that print evaluated with herbal recommendations.

Knowing what your body prefers, you can make better decisions about the nutritional products you buy. Using New Sun Nutritional Products not only gives you a wide variety of supplements to choose from, it also allows you to buy them at cost, just like we do!

Question: Can ZYTO Technology be used to treat or diagnose?
Answer: No. ZYTO technology does not diagnose, treat or cure and it is not a medical device. It is a tool designed to assist the individual in finding the body's preferences for any list of items. This information is used to make better decisions about personal health and preference for nutritional supplements. Even though this information has obvious value, the results of a ZYTO Compass Bio-Survey are not diagnostic. The ZYTO Compass, associated software or print outs are not considered medical devices or diagnostic information by the FDA.

Question: How often should I have a Bio-Survey done?
Answer: Generally a survey is done 4-6 weeks after the initial survey. This gives the client time to start taking their supplements and make appropriate lifestyle changes as they work on their sense of well being.

Question: Are the nutritional supplement programs that Viable Options works with expensive?
Answer: Not at all. New Sun products have an outstanding reputation for clean herbal formula meaning they use no fillers of any kind, they use the very best product at all times all the while keeping cost back to you at the lowest possible margin. Always remember that your first line of defense toward good health is what you eat and your level of stress.

Question: What is the cost of a ZYTO Compass / Consultation with Linda
Answer: The printout is $10.00 at that point you may choose to have an evaluation with me which in that case I waive the printout fee and you will be charged a straight consultation fee, $45.00.

If you choose to do just the printout then the charge is $10.00 and you may want to take it to your own herbalist and or chiropractor for evaluation.

Nutritional Supplements are whole foods in usually a capsule form that supplement your lifestyle.


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